Mercy River Ministries

The Evangelistic Ministry of John & Molly Henderson

A little about us and our ministry...

We are both from Houston, Texas, and were both raised in the Assembly of God denomination. We met as teenagers, and after a two and a half year courtship, we were married in April of 1983. 

A few years later, I joined a Southern Gospel singing group, The Gospel Envoys.  In 1987, after singing with the group for two and a half years, Molly and I began our evangelistic ministry. I was ordained in the "Christ, the Great Shepherd" ministerial fellowship organization in 1991.

In 1994, Molly and I accepted the Pastorate of Rolling Hills Evangelistic Center in Fort Worth, Texas. We pastored there for fourteen years, until our resignation in May of 2008.

In June of 2008, I was ordained as an Apostle with Breath of Life Ministries by Bishop Isaiah Thomas. Mercy River Ministries began in the same month, and is incorporated under the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International. We conducted weekly church meetings for awhile, but have since felt led of the Lord to devote ourselves to evangelistic work once again.

We are available for ministry at any time. We believe the main core that our evangelistic ministry centers around is sounding an alarm for the church to awaken, and to commit to God in EVERY area of life.  Revival is not for the lost outside the church walls, but it is for Christians who are complacent, and have become lukewarm in their relationship with God.  Religious strongholds, traditions, and doctrines of men which have little, if anything at all, to do with the Gospel of Christ, have caused many within the church to lead lives void of the manifestation of God's life-changing power.  The spiritually dead out in the world cannot be reached by the church, if those IN the church are spiritually dead themselves! There is a river.....and in that river, there is LIFE! there is power, there is joy, and there is freedom - God is calling whosoever will, to COME TO THE RIVER!

       Apostle John Henderson